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ARTIST: Wolfstone
TITLE: Year of the Dog
RELEASE DATE: 1993-12-31
QUALITY: 320 kbps
SIZE: 138 MB


1 – Holy Ground
2 – Ballavanich: the Boys from Ballavanich / Mrs. Crehan’s
3 – The Sea King
4 – Brave Foot Soldiers
5 – Double Rise Set: Gingerhog’s No.2 / The Double Rise / Crossing the Mince / Give Us a Drink of Wat
6 – White Gown
7 – Morag’s Reel: Morag’s Reel / Laura Lynn Cunningham / The Harsh February / Miss Lyall
8 – Braes of Sutherland
9 – Dinner’s Set: Dinner’s Dangerous River Jacket / Richard Dwyer’s Reel / Sandy Macleod of Garafad


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